Wednesday, June 3, 2009

The Ten (plus one) Tweeter’s Commandments

1. Twitter is the rising power of Social Media.

2. Thou must find thine voice and tweet interesting stuff.

3. Thou shalt answer back – to tweet is not a one way street!

4. Thou shalt not covet thine neighbours tweets (or if you do, acknowledge them openly).

5. Thou shalt share helpful information (even a little about yourself) without fear or fervour.

6. Thou shalt not take everything on Twitter as gospel – there are as many BS artists online as there are in real life!

7. Thou will explore the many varied and evolving Twitter apps to help thou manage thine tweets, followers and measure interaction.

8. Thou shalt not hard sell, commit adultery, or other nasty things good Tweeters would not do.

9. Thou should lookest to follow tweets with similar or complementary interests to you –in business and as a person.

10. Thou will make new friends and find undiscovered opportunities if thou givest it a red hot go.

10 plus 1. Thou shalt get on that Twitter train and go for a ride!

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